Looking to recruit local guides


This is open to freelancers, full-time, short-term as a hobby and those who are well-versed with the local history, places of interest, food, arts and culture. Please use the contact form below to submit your application.


*Terms and Conditions for becoming a guide of Sāhasa:

  • He / She must be a citizen of India and have a valid Voter ID (a copy of this and another address proof must be submitted if selected).
  • He / She must not have a criminal record or have any affiliation with anti-national elements or terrorist organizations. Also, he / she should not have any record of participating in riots and protests that have resulted in private and public property damage.
  • Fluency in languages both Indian and Foreign will be an asset.
  • Please provide information about yourself, interests and the city/area of India you know well.


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