Phool Bawadi, Chhoti Khatu, Nagaur District, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is dotted with innumerable stepwells that offer a glimpse into the religious and social practices, cultural traditions and customs and art and architecture of that period. Though a fair number of these have either fallen into a state of disrepair or disuse, there is a spirited movement across the state by several heritage enthusiasts... Continue Reading →

Achalgarh Fort, Achalgarh Village, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

One of the most interesting forts of Rajasthan is the lesser-known Achalgarh Fort nestled high in the Aravalli Range. This magnificent fort sits atop a hill in the picturesque village of Achalgarh, a few kilometres away from the famous Dilwara Temples. The Achalgarh Fort complex situated in an eco-sensitive zone is steeped in history, religion... Continue Reading →

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