Kanpur Badnaam Kulfi

Another fascinating innovation of the late Ram Avatar Pandey, the founder of Thaggu Ke Laddu is Badnaam Kulfi that literally translates to disreputable kulfi with the famous tagline 'मेहमान को चखाना नहीं, टिक जाएगा, चखते ही जेब और जुबां की गर्मी हो जाएगी गायब |' that means 'do not offer it to your guest, for he will... Continue Reading →

Kanpur Thaggu Ke Laddu

The quintessential sweet for festivals, social gatherings and religious ceremonies across India is the hugely popular laddu made with a variety of local ingredients and desi ghee. The most iconic laddu that has made its way to Russia, USA, UK, Asia and Europe is the sinfully rich Thaggu Ke Laddu from Kanpur.   Thaggu Ke Laddu... Continue Reading →

गुजरात का भलिया गेहूं (Bhalia Wheat, Gujarat)

गुजरात के स्थानीय निवासियों का मानना है कि भाल नामक क्षेत्र में बड़े पैमाने पर उगाए जाने वाले गेहूं का नाम संस्कृत के शब्द भाल के ऊपर पड़ा है, जिसका अर्थ है 'मस्तक', ऐसा इसलिए है क्योकि यह क्षेत्र भी मस्तक के समान सपाट दिखता है। यह सुनने में अजीब लगता है, परन्तु वास्तव में... Continue Reading →

Bhalia Wheat of Gujarat

Locals say that Bhalia wheat that is largely cultivated in Bhal region of Gujarat derives its name from the Sanskrit word bhalah meaning forehead suggestive of the flatness of this region like one's forehead. As bizarre as that may sound, the land is indeed extremely flat with barely any change in landscape or any sort of... Continue Reading →

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