Nagarkurnool Mango based Products

Kollapur on the banks of the Krishna River in Nagarkurnool district in Telangana state is famous for its different mango varieties. In fact, mango ranks among the top eight surplus fruits grown in Telangana and is hugely popular among the locals and surrounding states.


Kollapur has been cultivating its special Benishan mango (also known locally as Banganapalle) for the past two to three centuries. The mango saplings were brought from Nuzividu in Andhra Pradesh and thrived in these favourable agro – climatic conditions (fertile soil rich in organic matter, abundant water supply from the Krishna River and hot summers and cool winters)


Small and marginal farmers around the Krishna River basin have benefited immensely from the pro – farmer central government schemes. There has been a significant rise in the quality, size and taste as well as annual production per hectare in the last 9 years. Food processing industries have been lining up to purchase their produce to prepare value – added products like juice, syrup, candy, concentrate, squash, papad, pickle and others.


It is estimated that over 40,000 acres of land is under mango cultivation in this region. The Kollapur Benishan mango is extremely pulpy, sweet and aromatic, golden in colour (resembling Amrita) and completely organic. It is packed with vitamins, iron, calcium and phosphorus.


The Kollapur mango is exported to USA, Europe, UAE, Malaysia and others.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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