Tandur Red Gram

Tandur, situated on the banks of the Kagna River has recently received the coveted Geographical Indication Tag (GI Tag) for its outstanding red gram. This region is dotted with dal mills and is famous for its pigeon pea. Red gram is an important agricultural crop in Telangana with more than 3.43 lakh hectares of land under cultivation.


The pigeon pea grown here is of the native variety and of superior quality largely attributed to the region’s fertile black soil rich in potassium, organic matter, calcium (Tandur has huge limestone deposits) and attapulgite, rain – fed tracts and moderate climatic factors that have imparted a unique flavour, aroma, cooking quality, keeping quality, milling qualities and nutritional value (22 – 24 percent protein content that is almost three times that of cereals) to the dal.


It is estimated that over 63,500 farming families comprising of both small and marginal are cultivating red gram in this region. The average annual production is around 4.75 lakh quintals and has only been on the higher side since the timely intervention of the central government. The farmers have benefited greatly from the innovative and progressive central government schemes, subsidies, seed management, drip irrigation, education on natural, zero and organic farming techniques and use of indigenous methods for soil rejuvenation and enrichment.


This versatile crop can be grown in different varieties of soil and in drought – prone areas. It is a multi – purpose crop (grown as an individual crop, as an inter – crop and a subsidiary crop with cotton, sorghum and green gram) and is ideal to reduce soil erosion and fix atmospheric nitrogen. This cash crop is used as food, fuel and fodder.


The crop is harvested between January – February. The dal mills process over 10 – 15 tonnes of dal per day i.e., dehusk and split the grain. The final dal produce is available in three forms – split oiled, split dry and whole. The dal is sold in both domestic and international markets.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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