Bhuteshwar Mahadev Mandir, Karanwas, Bulandshahr District, Uttar Pradesh

Another spiritual gem of Karanwas is the ancient Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple located at a little distance from the sacrosanct Maa Kalyani Devi Mandir. As per both historical and scriptural references, the Shiva Linga consecrated in Bhuteshwar Mahadev has been revered by saints, siddha purushasyogis and tapasvis who visited this holy place by the banks of the Ganga River. In fact, detailed descriptions of the spiritual potency of Bhuteshwar Mahadev along with the testimony of a number of devotees have been written about in several memoirs and religious commentaries.


It is based on these records that one can surmise that the original location of this temple was at a ghat by the Ganga River. As the Ganga began to edge closer to the temple, it is said that a pious saint by name of Mahatma Shree Randheer Dasji who used to bathe in the Ganga and offer prayers at Bhuteshwar Mahadev felt that the temple would get eventually submerged and thereby lost forever in unfathomable depths of the Ganga.


He carefully removed the Shiva Linga and covered it with his dhoti and brought it to the heart of Karanwas and informed the locals of his intention to establish the divine Lord in a new location. The current temple built in kakiya bricks is at least 250 years old if not more. There is an old tamarind tree estimated to be around 400 years old in front of the main shrine.


This temple is part of a small fort that was commissioned by the Maharaja of Gwalior. The residential quarters for saints and yogis that is seen in the premises was also built by him. The style of architecture with elaborately detailed doors, arches, domes and jali is typical of the Scindia style. There is a huge yagashala within the temple premises that appears to be of great antiquity. Locals say that a lot of devout merchants from surrounding areas used to perform grand havans here.


However, over the years, the fort has fallen into disrepair and is in need of urgent restoration. The temple is venerated by one and all and is in pristine condition thanks to the effort of the devotees.


Thousands of people throng this temple in the auspicious months of MaghaShravanKarthik and Agrahāyaṇa and on Maha ShivaratriPurnima and Amavasya.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian


* Photos are only symbolic (Taken from public domain/internet and any copyright infringement is unintentional and regrettable)

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