Kanpur Lassi

Kanpur has often been called as the food capital of Bharat with countless travellers from across the world praising the wide range of local delicacies over the years in their chronicles. One such fine example is the Kanpur lassi. Like the delicious Prayagraj and Banarasi lassi, the Kanpur lassi is equal to the task and is an amazing combination of creaminess and richness.


Though there are slight differences in the preparation of the lassis of the sacred cities, the key ingredient remains the same – thick full cream milk that is in abundance in this region. The milk is first boiled, slightly cooled and curdled. Wide trays or earthen containers are used to set the curds to get a nice layer of malai on the top.


A portion of the set curds is scooped up into a jug or earthen pot and churned with a motorized mathani. A generous helping of sugar is added, followed by gulab essence. The mixture is churned till the sugar dissolves. Ice is added to this and continuously churned till it reaches the right consistency.


The churned mixture is then skilfully poured into kulhads. A little bit of malai is placed on the top of each kulhad and topped off with a drizzle of kesar or Rooh afza.


Locals recommend Baba Sweets and Mithaas Sweets to sample their delectable lassi.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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