Kanpur Mattha

Kanpur’s most iconic breakfast is the freshly churned white butter and warm bread topped off with delicious creamy mattha served at Pahalwan Ji Ka Special Mattha on Mall Road. This hugely popular joint is frequented by locals and visitors from across the world.


The shop had very humble beginnings with its founder selling his delicious mattha and butter on a banyan leaf on a small cart. Six decades later, Pahalwan Ji Ka Special Mattha has become an international brand with orders pouring in from every corner of the world.


Today, the shop offers a variety of bread to choose from – wheat bread, multigrain bread, sugar bun, kajur bun, dried fruit, doughnut, pizza bread and others. In summer, masala mattha and pudina mattha while in winter strawberry mattha are sold to excited customers.


Mattha has always been recognized to be excellent for health and highly recommended in the summer. Jeerapudinachaat masala, ginger, ground green chillies, coriander and methi are some of the common spices used to make the masala mattha.


The reason that Pahalwan Ji Ka Special Mattha is loved by one and all is the extra care they take to maintain the quality of their products.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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