Prayagraj Samosa

Prayagraj has an enviable reputation of serving up the best gulab jamun (known here as dehati ke rasgulle) and samosa in the world. Both Banaras and Prayagraj prepare some of the most delicious sweets and namkeen using pure desi ghee that truly enhances its taste. Age-old methods and secret recipes handed down from generation to generation have helped maintain the consistency in taste and high-quality of the final product.


Samosa, the eternal comfort food is a triangular deep-fried mystery layered envelope of wholesome happiness. What makes the samosa prepared in Prayagraj so special is the unique flavour, spices and fillings.


You have the famous dum aloo samosa (tastes like dum aloo), kachori masala samosa (has the typical masala and flavour of khasta), kala chana samosa also known as khatte channe samosa (filled with a type of spiced black chickpea), dal moth samosa (made with moth beans, peanuts, sev and spices) and dry masala samosa (these are made with spices and other ingredients and can be stored for two months).


These samosas can be had anytime of the day with a dash of imalī chutney and hara chutney or as chole samosa (a flavoursome curry made with chana, potato and spices served with samosa)


These scrumptious and crispy samosas have a heady aroma of desi ghee and are soft, crunchy, spicy and tangy. Another variety of samosa available only in the winter months is known as makhan ka samosa that is a delicate sweet samosa made with a layer of butter and filled with caster sugar and nuts.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian


* Photos are only symbolic (Taken from public domain/internet and any copyright infringement is unintentional and regrettable)

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