Prayagraj ke Dehati ke Rasgulle

All gastronomical roads in Prayagraj lead to Dehati Rasgulla in Old Bairhana to sample their delicious dehati ke rasgulle. Dehati ke rasgulle are known as gulab jamuns in the rest of India while the white rasgulla is called chhena here.


According to the locals, Baba Ram Sevak Yadav began making and selling his dehati rasgulle in his shop on Mahatma Gandhi Marg in 1984. The dehati rasgulle became a huge hit and soon, a large crowd began to gather outside his shop to buy his delectable innovation. People began to call him Dehati and named his shop Dehati Rasgulla. He used to sell these heavenly delights for Rs 2 in 1984. Now, they are priced at a very reasonable Rs 15.


What sets these dehati rasgulle apart from the rest prepared in various parts of the country is the homemade khova and ghee. Interestingly, this shop is closed between April to June due to shortage of milk and inability to prepare sufficient khova. The shop reopens in July and caters to locals and customers from nearby cities.


On an average, about 50 to 60 kg of fresh homemade khoya is used daily along with maida, cardamom powder and other ingredients and kneaded to a soft dough.


Perfect round balls are made and placed on large plates. Normally, the desi ghee is heated on koyla (coal) in a large kadai and removed to add the freshly prepared balls. The balls are gently added and the whole kadai is tilted slightly side to side till all the balls are immersed in the hot ghee and are cooked.


As they rise to the surface, the kadai is placed again on the koyla and the balls are removed when they turn golden brown in colour. They are immediately dipped in freshly prepared chaashanee (sugar syrup) for a few minutes. Locals say that the unique taste is attributed to the quality of the khoya and the cooking done on koyla.


These unbelievably hot, soft, melt in your mouth and perfect round-shaped rasgullas are worth every calorie.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian


* Photos are only symbolic (Taken from public domain/internet and any copyright infringement is unintentional and regrettable)

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