Kanpur Kachori Sabzi

The search for the best kachori sabzi in Kanpur will lead you to Bachu Lal Kachori Wale in Swaroop Nagar. A brisk early morning walk is highly recommended before you indulge in their delicious garam garam kachoris.


Kachori sabzi, the quintessential breakfast of Kanpur is a magical dish that has a bit of everything – crunchiness, mushiness, tanginess and the most important ingredient of all – comfort!


The most famous kachori is the dal ki kachori that has a spicy stuffing of moong dal. Dal is soaked overnight and ground to a fine paste. It is added to wheat flour, ajwain, semolina, red chilli powder and other spices and mixed well.


It is important that the dough is soft and easy to work with. Small balls are made and rolled out like puris and fried in desi ghee or sunflower oil. As the kachoris are deep-fried, the curry served that is normally either chole or aloo sabzi with chole is very light on the stomach, largely watery and packed with spices to balance the grease. A generous helping of raita or salad with a large green chilli is the other accompaniment.


If you happen to go later in the day, then you should try the mangodi and sabudana pakodi served with meeti chutney and hari chutney.


The ideal way to finish your lip-smacking kachori sabzi breakfast is to sample one or a couple of finger-licking imartis made in desi ghee and dipped in a sinfully sweet sugary syrup.

Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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