Endarō mahānubhāvulu – Decoding Saint Tyāgarāja’s Pancharatna kritis

Endarō mahānubhāvuluSalutations to all the Mahātmas in this world” is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and revered musical compositions. The lyrical masterpiece when sung and heard with utmost faith and devotion is enthralling and brings tears of joy in one’s eyes.


The glorious splendour of Sri Rama described in admiration and humility and obeisance paid to all the venerable personalities of Rshis, saints, devathas and bhaktas who are absorbed in the Supreme Bliss of Sri Rama is stupendous and sends one into raptures.


This kriti which is the crowning glory of Pancharatna kritis has been a childhood favourite of mine. I have vivid memories of this composition being played in my grandmother’s house with all of us singing a few words without really understanding it then.


Maybe it was the story of Saint Tyāgarāja that we read in our Amar Chitra Katha of his childhood, teenage years, the deep devotion towards the recitation of 95 crore Sri Rama nāma japa and darshan and experience of Sri Rama, Sita and Hanuman when we were young or perhaps it is the musical rendition of an earnest singer that we heard but it certainly leaves one with many questions on how Saint Tyāgarāja was able to create this marvellous expression of bhakthi and whether he was moved to such ecstatic bliss that he lapsed into silence as heard in our Puranic stories.


Though I was unable to dedicate the time and energy required to excel in Carnatic music during my formative years, the little training that I received made me appreciate the genius of music and mathematics and ponder over all the other great compositions that speak of infinite bliss and irrepressible bhakthi. What state would a singer be in who is lost in the music and is unaware of the surroundings? What is this paramānanda that one speaks of constantly when totally immersed into the integral technicalities of a musical composition?


Endarō mahānubhāvulu is probably one kriti that many people have heard over the years either in the movies or perhaps in a play or sung by many proficient singers. The lyrics are so spellbinding, profoundly meaningful and full of praise dotted with salutations to all the great personalities who have assembled in the hall drowning in the bliss of Sri Rama.


This a rough translation of this divine kriti:

rāgaṃ: śrī
tāḻaṃ: ādi



endaro mahānubhāvulu andarikī vandanamulu

(There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


Anu pallavi

candurū varṇuni anda candamunu hṛdayāravundamuna
jūci brahmānandamanubhaviñcu vārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(In the mirror of their hearts
they behold the moon-like face,
beauty and behaviour (of Rama)
and experience supreme joy of Brahmānanda
to such ones, to them my salutations.
There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


sāmagāna lola manasija lāvaṇya
dhanya murdhanyulendaro mahānubhāvulu

(To the one who is fond of sāmagāna (Rama),
His beauty in their minds,
they who think (of Rama) such are blessed.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


mānasavana cara vara sañcāramu neripi mūrti bāguga pogaḍane
vārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(To those who contemplate on the beauty of
the one who travelled in the forest (Rama).

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


saraguna pādamulaku svāntamanu sarojamunu samarpaṇamu
seyuvārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(To the feet (of Rama) which is the essence of all gunas,
those who surrender their lotus heart
to such ones, my salutations.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


patita pāvanuḍane parātparuni guriñci
paramārdhamagu nija mārgamutonu bāḍucunu
sallāpamuto svara layādi rāgamula deliyu
vārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(The one who is purifier of destitute (Rama),
the one who is supreme of supreme (Rama) ,
by singing happily about Him in the correct way
knowing the swara, rāga and tāla
to them my salutations.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


hariguṇa maṇimaya saramulu gaḻamuna
śhobhillu bhakta koṭulilalo telivito celimito
karuṇa galgi jagamellanu sudhā dṛśhṭice
brocuvārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(Those who sing the glories of Hari
whose essence is like jewels,
singing with knowledge, loving nature,
with compassion and right attitude
who see the world and blesses it
to them my salutations.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


hoyalu mīra naḍalu galggu sarasuni
sadā kanula jūcucunu pulaka śarīrulai
ānanda payodhi nimagnulai mudambunanu yaśamu
galavārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(Those who see the beautiful attracting form of Lord in their minds
and whose bodies are thrilled with joy
and faces lit with peace
and completely drowned in bliss
to them, my salutations

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


parama bhāgavata mauni vara śaśi vibhākara sanaka sanandana
digīśa sura kimpuruśha kanaka kaśipu suta nārada tumburu
pavanasūnu bālacandra dhara śuka sarojabhava bhūsuravarulu
parama pāvanulu ghanulu śāśvatulu kamala bhava sukhamu
sadānubhavulu gāka endaro mahānubhāvulu

(Surya, Chandra, Sanaka Sanadhanas, Dikpalas, Devas,
Kimpurushas, Prahalada, Narada, Tumburu,
Anjaneya, Siva, Suka, Brahma, Brahmanas.
They also enjoy the Brahmānanda Swaroopa of God (Rama) always.
Still there are others, and salutations to them also.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


nī menu nāma vaibhavambulanu
nī parākrama dhairyamula śānta mānasamu nīvulanu
vacana satyamunu raghuvara nīyeḍa sadbhaktiyu janiñcakanu
durmatamulanu kalga jesinaṭṭi nīmadi neriṅgi
santasambunanu guṇa bhajanānanda kīrtanamu jeyu
vārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(They praise your form, name, valour, bravery, peaceful heart, true words.
You (Rama) destroy all bad thoughts that prevent people from praying to you,
they know that and they praise your qualities.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


bhāgavata rāmāyaṇa gītādi śṛti śāstra purāṇapu marmamulanu
śivādi sanmatamula gūḍhamulan
muppadi mukkoṭi surāntaraṅgamula bhāvambulanerigi
bhāva rāga layādi saukhyamuce cirāyuvulgaligi
niravadhi sukhātmulai tyāgarāptulaina
vārendaro mahānubhāvulu

(Those who know the secrets of Bhagavatha, Ramayana, Gita, Sruti, Sasthra and the Epics,
six religious schools like Shaiva, the 33 crores of Devas, bhāva, rāga, tāla
they have a long life and enjoy all good things.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


prema muppiri gonu veḻa nāmamunu dalacevāru
rāmabhaktuḍaina tyāgarājanutuni
nija dāsulainana vārendaro mahānubhāvulu
andarikī vandanamu-lendaro mahānubhāvulu

(Those beloved of the Lord (Rama),
when bhakthi increases they think of your name,
they are Rama bhakthas, they are devotees of the Lord of Tyāgarāja
who worship you.

There are so many Mahatmas. To all my salutations.)


To sum up is the link to Saint Tyāgarāja’s āradhana held every year at Thiruvaiyaru. I have chosen the one of 1984 which saw many brilliant musicians come together for this remarkable sacred occasion.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian


* Photos are only symbolic (Taken from public domain/internet and any copyright infringement is unintentional and regrettable)

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