Jamjir Falls – A Divine Cascade

Jamjir Falls on the Singoda River makes for an idyllic setting to sketch or paint a watercolour or relax and take in the scenic spectacle in the famous Sasan Gir Forest. This well-hidden picturesque locale is for those who love the off-beat. You can see the water ravines and the thick wooded areas as you approach the Jamjir Falls from the main road. The access road to the top of the waterfalls is almost non-existent and the ride is both bumpy and beautiful.


Our host was most obliging with the story of Jamjir Falls named after the legendary Jamadgni Brahmarishi whose ashram is visited by many. We got a beautiful view of the water cascading into the deep pool from the retreat. It looks like spun white silk and the sound is quite deafening. There are no barriers on either side of the waterfalls and hence, one needs to be responsible about clicking pictures.


Our lovely host who is a conservationist said that you can see crocodiles sunning themselves on the rocks below in the morning and then head inwards to the cave behind the falling waters as the day gets hotter. Therefore, swimming is not recommended at least in this location though there have not been any reports of any attacks.


He also said that a couple of lions were frequent visitors to the falls at dawn and dusk and did share a couple of incidents where the lions came howling for assistance as one of them had maggots in his ear which caused him a lot of pain and discomfort. It is truly remarkable how animals understand the purpose and hierarchy of evolution and humans still struggle.


The lions of Sasan Gir Forest are revered and accorded with prestige. A lion is not called the “king of the jungle” without a very good reason. A lion is not known to attack unnecessarily nor known to waste food. He always gives fair warning by way of his thunderous roars if he feels his privacy is violated. It is amazing to see the villagers and lions living in harmony here without any fear but with a rather quiet acceptance of the universal order.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

Photos by Lakshmi Subramanian

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