Kanpur Samosa

Kanpur has for centuries served up the best milk sweets, pure butter, namkeen and chaat made using pure desi ghee and unique samosas that will truly blow your mind! In fact, Kanpur can even be called as the samosa capital of Bharat, thanks to the ingenious Pappu Samose Waley on Birhana Road.


Samosa, the quintessential snack is a triangular deep-fried mystery layered envelope of wholesome happiness. But, Pappu Samose Waley has taken the eternal comfort food to another level with fascinating fillings.


You have an unbelievable variety of samosas to choose from and be sure that you are really hungry, so you can dive into their famous samosa platter. One can sample the traditional Masala Aloo SamosaTandoori Paneer SamosaPunjabi Paneer SamosaTandoori Cheese Samosa, Chow mein SamosaSpinach and Corn SamosaCheese and Corn SamosaItalian SamosaCheese Samosa, Veg Puff Samosa, Soya Cheese Samosa and seasonal favourites like Paneer Malai SamosaGreen Peas and Mushroom Samosa, Meetha Khoya Samosa and Chocolate Samosa to name a few.


These samosas can be had anytime of the day with the dips, chutneys and sauces that they offer. A colour is applied to one corner of the samosa before it is deep-fried to identify the various fillings.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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