Banarasi Gulab Jamun

All gastronomical roads in the ancient city of Kashi lead to Kashi Chat Bhandar to sample their delicious gulab jamuns, tamatar ki chaat, palak patta chaatchooda matardahi bhallaaloo tikki and other innovative creations that are unique to the city.


Fresh khoya is mixed with maida, cardamom powder, kesar and other secret ingredients and kneaded to a soft dough. Perfect round balls are made and placed on large plates. Desi ghee is heated in a kadai and the balls are gently dropped in. It is important for the balls to be immersed in the hot ghee to be cooked inside.


As they rise to the surface, the kadai is placed again on high flame and the balls are removed when they turn golden brown in colour. They are immediately dipped in freshly prepared chaashanee (sugar syrup) for a few minutes.


As you cut into the gulab jamun, the centre full of kesar goodness oozes out. These unbelievably soft heavenly delights melt in your mouth and are worth every calorie.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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