Shri Shanteshwara Temple, Tilavalli Village, Hangal Taluka, Haveri District, Karnataka

The lesser – known Shri Shanteshwara Temple in the sleepy village of Tilavalli exudes an incredibly rare architectural harmony of the Western Chalukyas and Seunas. Built in the 13th century (1237 CE) during the reign of the mighty Maharaja Singhana II of the Seunas by Kalideva Thakkura, this temple incorporates the best features of the Western Chalukyan style of architecture and detailing.


This east – facing temple has a mandapa, an antarala and a garbha griha. The mandapa has entrances on the east, north and south and is supported by massive lathe – turned pillars with a square base and richly embellished capital. The running beams and ceiling panels are profusely decorated with auspicious Hindu iconography, gods and goddesses, apsaras, sages, musicians and repetitive floral motifs. The central panel has intricately carved concentric rings of petals with the lotus bud dropping down in the middle surrounded by the Ashtadikpalakas.


Sapta MatrikasMahishasuramardini and Goddess Saraswati playing the veena have been installed in the niches. There is another sculpture that is slightly difficult to recognize of perhaps, Varahi Devi.


Written by Lakshmi Subramanian

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